Get your own sheet mask spreadsheet! + News and New Readers Welcome

Some time ago, I had a request on Reddit to make my sheet mask spreadsheet available. I’ve been thinking about the best way to do it, and I’ve decided to make it super easy for you!

Click this link to download a copy of my current sheet mask spreadsheet. It’s in Excel format and hosted on Dropbox. Once you’ve downloaded it to your own machine, it’s yours! Feel free to make whatever changes you like. Make it your own and enjoy!

For reference, this is the collection that my spreadsheet now tracks.

Sheet mask stash
Two bins. 50 pounds. (jk I don’t know how much these weigh.)

And these are some of my most exciting recent acquisitions. Be on the lookout for reviews soon!

New sheet masks
I’m dying to try that Tosowoong Pure Propolis Mask. You know I love me some propolis.
New hydrogel and gel masks
And the Guerisson 9 Complex hydrogel. Swoon.

Also new to the basket: More honey and propolis goodness!

COSRX Honey Ceramide Cream and I'm From Honey Mask
Gotta love Wishtrend’s fast-ass shipping on the COSRX Honey Ceramide Cream and I’m From Honey Mask.

Also, a couple bits of Auntie Snail news:

Last month, Fifty Shades of Snail was mentioned–along with some snaily friends!–in Fashionista’s “The 14 Best Blogs and Websites for Learning About Korean Beauty Products.” Squee! Now I’m excited to announce that you’re looking at Fashionista’s new K-beauty correspondent! Check Fashionista or this space for my K-beauty correspondence soon.

And finally: I’ve only had this blog for a couple of months, and in those couple of months, I’ve been so overwhelmed by the amount of interest and attention it’s gotten. Readership has grown in huge (for me) numbers.

So I wanted to take a minute to welcome new readers. I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Here’s a quick list of my favorite, Holy Grail products to make finding the best of Asian skincare a little easier for you.

Please keep reading. I’m so happy I have a place to share my love for Korean skincare and cosmetics!

xoxo! Auntie Snail

My Beauty Diary Puffiness Intensive Eye Mask
Your sheet mask superhero wannabe.

21 thoughts on “Get your own sheet mask spreadsheet! + News and New Readers Welcome

  1. I snagged a Miss Flower & Mr Honey mask on the AB exchange and I think of you every time I sit and look at it. Still waiting for the perfect day to try it. 😉

    Congratulations! May the snail be with you in your new endeavor. @y

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  2. I got that Tosowoong propolis mask in the mail today and was so excited to use it tonight that I ended up translating the ingredients immediately :3

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    1. OMG would you be willing to share the ingredients list with me? I emailed them to ask for a translation but haven’t heard back. I’ll send you a mask in payment 😀


      1. Haha I can’t think of a logical reason why anyone would withhold such information; of course I’ll share them 🙂

        So kind! But you don’t need to send anything since I’m far away in Australia.


  3. Hi,

    do you still use the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Lotion and if so, when do you use it? 🙂 I am asking because it is on the picture but not listed in your skincare steps.

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    1. Ahahaha–I actually don’t use it anymore as the rest of my routine is quite hydrating enough and has more interesting/beneficial actives 🙂


      1. Okay, thank you for your answer. 🙂 As I want to introduce new products to my skincare routine in order to improve my skin (get rid of redness, enlarged pores and PIH), I would like to know some things.
        1) How do you like the CosRX Galactomyces 95 White Power Essence so far? Is it an equal alternative to the Missha First Treatment Essence? What do you think about COSRX Honey Ceramide Cream?
        2) Is the Hada Labo Cleansing Foam worth ordering or do you think any other gentle (!) drugstore cleansing foam (ph of 5.5) would be fine? My cleansing foam is almost empty (and too watery for my taste) and I want to try a new one.
        3) As a student on a budget I cannot spend too much money on unnecessary products. Which products are really worth buying?

        Fortunately, I have found your blog. Your tips are so helpful! 🙂


      2. Whoops! Sorry again for spacing on these.

        1. I like it quite a bit! It feels different from the FTE, as the COSRX is a thicker liquid (it feels like a very thin serum). So far I am not losing anything compared to when I was using the FTE. Same glow and gradual brightening effects. So it’s good stuff! About the Honey Ceramide Cream: I also like that a lot but am having a hard time deciding between it and the I’m From Honey Cream. I like the COSRX cream because it is quite rich but has a non-oily finish; the I’m From Honey Cream has niacinamide but quite an oily finish.

        2. I love the Hada Labo cleansing foam, and I would say that if you have the budget currently, it’s definitely worth a try, but it is not essential. Any gentle pH 5.5 cleansing foam will do. I’ve used the Cerave Foaming Cleanser and it’s been just fine.

        3. If you’re on a budget, I would prioritize thus: Sunscreen, treatment (acids, essence, serum, ampoule etc.), then the other steps. The reason for thi is that you will not be able to find US equivalents of equal quality and price for sunscreen or treatment products, but if you need to, you can get by with US drugstore things for cleansing oil, cleanser, and moisturizer.


  4. Oh, I just found out that the COSRX AHA and BHA Liquids contain Niacinamide. But they don’t cause a flush on your skin? I read about not mixing acids and Niacinamide?!

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      1. Thanks for your super fast answer! I am currently using Paula’s 2 % BHA Liquid but I am very interested in the COSRX Liquids. Maybe I should give them a try.

        I don’t want to be a nuisance but could you possibly answer my three other questions? That would help me a lot! ❤

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  5. Hi! I got here trying to get inspiration for my own spreadsheet, and if you got that Skin Factory Honey Mask from Memebox it expires next month! (I only realised and used mine just yesterday because I’m bad at FIFO, haha!) If you’ve already used it/already knew just ignore me hehe

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    1. Hi, sorry, I think I accidentally trashed that file from my Dropbox 😦 I am slowly working on a new inventorying spreadsheet if you want to wait, though it might be a while, or has some really great spreadsheets and organizational systems right now!


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