News: Freeset Donkey Milk Cream at Memebox US!

There are many different levels of Western K-beauty consumer (and blogger). Some, like Joan at Nonsonoquitter, are up to date on the latest beauty trends and news on the ground in Seoul. Others are hipster pioneers who love discovering products that no one’s yet heard of and that no one else can get (until said hipster pioneer makes one of those products a total Thing). I have massive respect for people like Joan and Cat. It might look effortless from the outside, but an enormous amount of time and taste and effort and detective skills and language skills !!Hangul is a lot harder than I expected!! Three study sessions and I can only reliably recognize a handful of consonants!!! I thought it was supposed to be the perfectly designed phonetic alphabet that anyone can learn!!!!  goes into those discoveries. I don’t have most of those things.

I typically stick to products that are relatively easy to get even here in the States. Of course, the one time I branch out and resort to extraordinary measures to get my hands on something that none of the popular online shops carry, that product would have to end up being pretty much completely wonderful and amazing.

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about the Freeset Donkey Milk 3D Moisture Cream, which I reviewed not too long ago.

Freeset Donkey Milk 3D Moisture Cream available at Memebox

Unfortunately, I have not yet figured out how to make a Lego donkey.

Here’s a refresher: I started using this cream not long after I introduced prescription tretinoin to my face. Tret can wreak absolute havoc on skin barriers and skin moisture levels, especially in the beginning. The Freeset donkey milk cream kept my skin feeling plump and healthy and helped it retain almost all its moisture straight through the night. It also turned out to be a fantastic day moisturizer. I gave it a score of 4.5/5 and concluded:

I wish I’d gotten this cream months ago, as it’s turned out to be my perfect rich cream for summertime. It’s light enough to wear under sunscreen and makeup but nourishing and occlusive enough to overcome very arid weather and my first prescription topical.

Texture of Freeset Donkey Milk 3D Moisture Cream

Since I took this picture, I’ve used up a lot more of the stuff.

And then I lamented the cream’s inaccessibility. At the time, you could pretty much only get it if you were physically in New York and able to find it in one of the few stores that carried it. (Or if you were willing to pester Club Clio USA over email, I guess.)

Well, guess what? As of today, Memebox US, showing once again that they are really good at listening to me, is carrying the Freeset Donkey Milk 3D Moisture Cream! So if you’ve been wanting to try the moisturizing cream companion to the amazing Freeset Donkey Milk Aqua face masks, you can get it now from a big, reputable, and easily navigated US K-beauty shop. Hooray!

To celebrate Memebox’s launch of this Fiddy-approved product, Memebox has extended the 25% off FIDDYSCHOICE coupon code to the Freeset Donkey Milk 3D Moisture Cream.

You can find the cream here on Memebox US, where it retails for $45 before discount (which is about as much as I paid for it when a friend picked it up for me in NYC, and then I ponied up for shipping on top of that), with free shipping for orders over $30. Apply the FIDDYSCHOICE code at checkout. (It currently also applies to the Tony Moly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel that I reviewed last night, too.)

I’m having a blast working with Memebox to bring you great products and special discounts. Be on the lookout for more FIDDYSCHOICE coupon items soon!

Winter is coming. Are you going to give Freeset Donkey Milk 3D Moisture Cream a shot?

This post contains affiliate links, which generate commissions that support Fifty Shades of Snail and Fiddy’s further skincare adventures. Full disclosures can be found here.

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4 responses to “News: Freeset Donkey Milk Cream at Memebox US!

  1. So excited to try this out, thanks for the detailed review! P.s. If you’re not already aware, the cream is on sale on MEMEBOX right now for $30, what a steal!


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