Introducing Sunday Funday, a Collab with Memebox and Christina Hello!

So one of the things I didn’t mention in my last post was the sheer number of exciting announcements I have to make over the next few months. I may have been offline for a while and struggling with moving for even longer before that, but I’ve also been busy with a whole mess of projects, some of which I’m finally ready to talk about. This first one is for those of you who love K-beauty and Gudetama. Meet the Sunday Funday box, which I put together with my fellow K-beauty blogger and Gudetama fan Christina from Christina Hello!

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I’ve been wanting to collaborate with Christina for a while. I love her blog and Instagram, which are cute, fun, frank, and feature lots of Korean makeup. Memebox made it happen by giving us free reign (cringing in a corner while Fiddy makes demands) to create a box of K-beauty fun: the Sunday Funday Box! You guys may be familiar with some of the contents of the box. It will include:

  • A trio of mini Re:cipe Slowganic Cleansers. These foaming cleansers combine an acid
    Re:cipe Slowganic Cleanser in Adlay
    See the wacky texture?

    mantle-friendly low pH (5.5, according to my tests of the Lemon and Adlay flavors) with a wacky marshmallow texture and excellent cleansing abilities. I’m using and loving the Adlay; my fellow Snailcaster Tracy from Fanserviced-B enjoyed the Lemon; and the lovely Coco from The Beauty Wolf raved about the Green Tea.

  • Neogen Code 9 Glacial Magic Pore Mask** (full size), a bubbling clay mask that I find milder and easier to wash off than the famous Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, but still great at drawing nastiness out of pores. If your skin is too sensitive for classic clay masks but you want to try my pore-clarifying method, this is a good option!
  • Prelab Toning Peeling Tap (full size). I tried and reviewed these exfoliant pods a while back and just stocked myself up with two fresh tubs. This is my everyday chemical exfoliator these days, as I find them gentler than traditional AHAs but still capable of keeping my skin smooth and bump-free.
  • Mediheal Dress Code Mask – Red (Ginseng Care). Like the Dress Code masks in Blue, Black, and Violet that I reviewed some time ago, the Red is a wonderfully calming and hydrating sheet mask with a super pretty design printed onto a clingy and comfortable mask sheet.
  • I’m Meme I’m Tint Balm – Rose Burgundy (full size). A burst of color can brighten up the laziest day. This moisturizing color-changing balm also doubles as an easy cheek stain! Christina favors these over Dior’s Addict Lip Glow. Don’t be caught with egg on your face when you could wear this instead. Okay, no more Gudepuns for me. Beauty and the Cat are better at those anyway.
  • Holika Holika Lazy & Easy Gudetama Sheet Mask. Speaking of lazy and easy, of course we’re popping a Gudetama sheet mask into our Sunday Funday box for you!

The Sunday Funday box is $35 and is available for pre-order at Memebox* with shipping scheduled for 8/1/16! If it’s your first time ordering from Memebox, you can get 20% off your first order by using my referral link to register.

What beauty products do you reach for when you want to make your lazy day skincare a little more fun?


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