Fifty Shades of Snail Sponsors

Due to my job at K-beauty e-commerce site Beautytap, I am not currently accepting PR samples from competing online shops. I do accept PR samples (products provided free of charge for my consideration, with no guarantee of a review) from some brands, distributors, and non-competing shops, such as official brand stores and non-K-beauty sites.

Some brands I currently accept, or previously have accepted, press samples from are:bi_sulwhasoo



naruko logo2


I am not accepting paid sponsorships anymore. I have accepted monetary compensation from the following brands to test and review their products in the past:

If you’re a brand representative interested in finding out more about sending product for consideration, check out my media kit and use the form at the end to get in touch. If you’re a reader and have any questions about my process, please feel free to ask in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Snail Sponsors

  1. Hi! I t was a very helpful post for me as a beginner in korean skin care routine! I am nor familiar with eye care creams though and am looking for some good eye cream with not too chemical ingredients. I want it for my mom, but her skin is very sensitive. Could you please recommend something?
    Thank you!


    1. Hi! Well, for the most part, eye creams are not super necessary (I love the one I’m using now, but I’m a lot more attached to my eye essence). For many people, using their regular moisturizer around their eyes is enough. But I do think it’s useful to have an eye cream if the regular moisturizer is irritating around the eyes or isn’t heavy enough. How much moisture does she need, light, medium, or heavy? And is she open to an ingredient like snail (which may sound scary but is actually quite soothing for many people’s skin)?


      1. Just starting to get into K-beauty & I was wondering if you had product recommendations for an eye serum/cream that will be safe to use without ruining my eyelash extensions??? I’m 43 with normal/dehydrated skin.

        *** Sooooo glad I found you via Fashionista!!! You’ve become my “go-to” for skincare info! THANK YOU!!!


      2. Serum yes! If you have the budget for it, Amorepacific Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence. They sent it to me to try and I am really unhealthily attached to it at this point. The lifting and depuffing effects are out of this world for me. I’ll have a review hopefully up this week with full ingredients.

        As far as eye creams go, I just choose ones that dry fairly thoroughly and without oily residue. Yuripibu Cucu Maronza has been good for me, and currently Amorepacific Time Response eye cream (but that’s another that is very 💰). And I am careful not to get them close to my extensions on the upper lid. If you don’t need something super moisturizing, the Mizon and Scinic snail eye creams are perfect for extensions as they’re so light and not oily!


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