Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Google Translate to Write Package Copy

I was looking through my bins o’ sheet masks earlier and found myself drawn to the ElishaCoy Honey & Royal Jelly. As my eyes scanned down the front of the packet, however, my attraction quickly turned to some straight-up WUT.

Why, you ask?

ElishaCoy Honey & Royal Jelly sheet mask
Hmm, maybe it’s not obvious enough here.

Let’s take a closer look.

ElishaCoy Honey & Royal Jelly package copy
Wait a minute…

Let that sink in. Maybe reading a transcription will help this gloriousness penetrate. But don’t think too hard. Just know that no, this doesn’t sound good to me, either.

Elishacoy is which can cause irritation to the skin to minimize the chemical composition of vegetable ingredients to the skin a valid prescription for the skin, optimized for “natural cosmetics”



5 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Google Translate to Write Package Copy

  1. I saw that misleading translation on my ElishaCoy sheet mask, too…:D I was laughing really bad 😀


    1. Oh my God! Yes.

      So. Did you still put it on your face, knowing that those are the ingredients? Sewage water could be the next snail secretion filtrate, you know.


  2. Haha Omg I just ordered one of these and I thought the same thing when I saw it! I even showed it to my husband and both were like, “WTF?”
    Did you end up trying this mask tho? (Despite the scary AF paragraph on the front! lol) If you did, did you like it? I’m even more afraid to try mine bc I ordered it on Memebox and it arrived all effed up! The packet is legit coming apart and the top foil layer that contains the outer design is separating from the clear plastic packet that the actual mask is inside of and you can actually see the sheet mask/essence when you lift up the top most foil layer that is peeling off! (Its really hard to describe so I hope that makes sense.) Also, I think the thing is expired bc the manufacture date (I think its the manufacture date bc I looked up the symbols and thats what it looked like) was on January 2, 2015 and its been said that you should use a sheet mask within a year of the manufacture date. So… I’m a little wary on using this thing…. What do you think? I just can’t believe that Memebox would send me a messed up, expired sheet mask! Ewe 😦


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