Where the Hell is Fiddy?

Fifty Shades of Snail Instagram

Whoops! I didn’t mean to let an entire week go by without any new blog posts! But I haven’t been idle. I’ve just been diversifying.

When I first joined Instagram, I didn’t make a huge fanfare about it. This is because I am ancient and purposely ignored Instagram for as long as humanly possible, and once I finally joined, had no idea whether I’d, uh, be any good at this newfangled new social media newness.

Fifty Shades of Snail Instagram
For the longest time, these photo grid thingies were like sorcery to me.

I’ve actually managed to post a fair amount of content on Instagram now, so I feel totally comfortable saying that you should follow me on Instagram if you aren’t already! I’m having a ton of fun using Instagram for more casual content, like:

You should also follow me on Snapchat if you aren’t already, because I have an absolute blast with Snapchat. My Snapchat “story” is where you’ll find the behind-the-scenes of my AB lifestyle, such as it is: giant haul unboxings, complete with grunts of happiness; three-word product raves and reviews; and copious stash porn, pretty much every day. I’m on Snapchat as mommasharkus. See you there!

4 thoughts on “Where the Hell is Fiddy?

    1. Hehehe. Join me in the Ocean of Masks. It’s very hydrating here!

      I’m about to start Pocketderm Anti-Aging, so I have a feeling I’ll be tearing through the hydrating and moisturizing masks pretty fast.


    1. You can set it so that you have to accept people’s follow requests before they can see your snaps, if that makes it easier! But I know what you mean…it’s why I shied away from Snapchat and Instagram for a long time.


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