#GlowSquad Presents: Birthday Wishes from Fiddy Snails

“I don’t accept skincare as a chore. If the aesthetics of the product don’t bring me joy, then the results have to, or I’m going to drop it faster than you can say Beauty Product Policewoman’s Preference.” Why I love Glow Recipe, written to celebrate their first birthday.


One of our favorite K-beauty bloggers, Fifty Shades of Snail, wrote us a sweet birthday letter in the form of a blog post! Read on as Fiddy waxes poetic about Blossom Jeju, LJH, and Glow Recipe-ness. Thank you Fiddy, we ❤ you!

Man. A lot can happen in a year, can’t it?

It’s only been a year since Glow Recipe first opened its virtual doors to the growing global mob of K-beauty consumers, but Sarah and Christine have already established their store as one of the most interesting and unique K-beauty shops around, and one of my favorites to watch. There’s just something about Glow Recipe that holds my attention. After Christine approached me about writing for the Glow Recipe blog, I started trying to figure out why. And I think I’ve found their secret.

It’s not about all the press they get from magazines like InStyle and Elle

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2 thoughts on “#GlowSquad Presents: Birthday Wishes from Fiddy Snails

  1. Dearest Fiddy. Not sure where I should ask this… But there are a few Glow products I would looove to get your two cents on. Primary Raw’s DoYou Azulene Gel Cream, the Blithe Patting Splash Masks, the Blithe sheet masks, the Whamisa sheet masks… So much looks so awesome!

    Also, you’re awesome!

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    1. Hi Ashley! I’ve never tried the Primary Raw stuff but it looks interesting. I don’t fully buy the splash mask thing but it would take a whole blog post for me to explain why, hahaha. I’ve tried Blithe Sea Cucumber sheet mask and it….left an oil residue on my face and didn’t really do much 😦 The Whamisa hydrogels are awesome! I think there’s a review of one on this blog from a while back. Hope that helps!


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