Introducing: SNS Saturdays!

Just a quickie today to announce a new thing I’m doing on my social media accounts: SNS Saturdays! Those of you who snagged Beautibi and Memebox coupon codes last Saturday have already experienced an SNS Saturday, but that initial code dump was just the beginning.

I had a really unreasonable amount of fun giving out the codes.
I had so much fun that I kept thinking about it even while I was at the beach.

I had so much fun, in fact, that I decided I want to make SNS Saturdays a regular thing! I’ve put some feelers out and got the ball rolling and initiated lots of other take-charge-type actions with the shops and brands I’m working with. They’re pretty stoked and we’ve got some fun stuff in the works already, including giveaways and unique, limited-quantity discount codes to fling in the air like we just don’t care. Next Saturday’s is finalized and will be pretty rocking!

If you want to get in on the SNS Saturday action, just follow me on my Fifty Shades of Snail social media accounts. You can find me:

Which SNS(es) any given SNS Saturday event appears on will depend on what’s being given away and will usually be a surprise until the Saturday.

See you guys on Saturdays!!


5 thoughts on “Introducing: SNS Saturdays!

  1. How fun! I’m hoping one day I’ll have time to churn out all of the things I want to blog about and be able to have fancy fun giveaways like this because brands will be like “haaay I see you’re some hot shit like Fiddy.”


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  2. This is really sweet of you, Fiddy. And since I’m often working on Saturday, I’ll be watching for whatever you fling our way. You’re awesome, and I used my code from you last week to buy the Hera UVA Mist cushion and the Miss Flowers & Mr. Honey cream (both of which I’m enjoying on the back of my left hand right now). 🙂

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