In the News: The Snailcast on Racked!

The Snailcast made Racked’s list of 5 Beauty Podcasts to Download Immediately, in some really good company!

As many of you guys know, the Snail Unit (Snow of Snow White and the Asian Pear, Tracy from Fanserviced-B, Chel of Holy Snails and Holy Snails handmade skincare, and me, Fiddy, Fiddy Snails) has a podcast. Every two weeks, we release 45 minutes or so of #sheetfaced K-beauty and skincare talk. Many cackles and much shade are involved. The Snailcast is our place to let loose in our own voices, and the response we’ve gotten for it is amazing! Check out this Racked article that features the Snailcast as one of the 5 beauty podcasts people should listen to. Woo!

On Racked: “Here Are 5 Beauty Podcasts To Download Immediately”

The recognition feels almost as good as a cold sheet mask on a hot day.

5 thoughts on “In the News: The Snailcast on Racked!

  1. Congratulations on being accorded this recognition by Racked!!

    I am not surprised – not one bit!

    You – or any one of your Snailcast mates – ALONE would be worthy of IMMEDIATE downloading.

    Taken together, you are all – without question – the FAB FOUR of Asian Beauty!


  2. Do you guys have transcripts of any episodes? I love following all you guys’ blogs but I am Deaf so I’ve been missing out on the Pod casts!


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