Innisfree Sheet Mask Haul and Review Preview

I know I said that I don’t haul very much anymore because I’ve established a great skin care routine, but a couple of nights ago, I saw a 15-piece Innisfree sheet mask assortment for sale on Amazon. I have Amazon Prime and poor impulse control, so here they are.

15 Innisfree sheet masks
They’re pretty. I like Innisfree’s packaging aesthetic.

Aren’t they lovely?

Innisfree sheet masks in Rice and Manuka Honey
Rice brightens and Manuka Honey moisturizes.

I’ve been in a pretty deep My Beauty Diary sheet mask rut. I love MBD masks–who doesn’t?–but I feel the need to branch out. Trying something new will cure my sheet mask boredom and enable me to write reviews of some different brands. That way, you lovelies won’t get bored, either. So I found this mask set at the perfect time, wouldn’t you say?

Innisfree sheet masks in Acai Berry and Black Berry
I assume both Acai Berry and Black Berry are meant to deliver antioxidants.

I’ve had good experiences with both of the Innisfree products I’ve tried. The Jeju Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is my go-to for deep cleaning pores and purifying my skin when it feels gunky or congested, and the Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil is a very nice emulsifying cleansing oil that smells exactly like green apple Jolly Ranchers. So I’m optimistic about Innisfree’s sheet masks.

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Masks in Rose, Strawberry, and Pomegranate
Rose hydrates and brightens, and I’m guessing that Strawberry and Pomegranate will brighten and provide antioxidants.

Innisfree is a Korean brand that emphasizes natural ingredients and a clean, fresh aesthetic. The company often uses materials from Korea’s Jeju Island, which I believe is sort of the Hawaii of South Korea.

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Masks
I’m not going to go into what every single one of these masks does. The caption would be huge.

I’m going to be terrifying my kid with my sheet masked face for a solid two weeks! And if you guys are nice, maybe you’ll get to see my scary mask face, too.

Missha Deep Sea Water Real Essential sheet masks
Deep Sea Water claims to hydrate and nourish with “mineral-rich” deep sea water. Salty.

I also have these Deep Sea Water sheet masks from Missha.

I haven’t been this excited about sheet masking for a long time! All the masks are in the refrigerator now, because there’s nothing like a chilled sheet mask for soothing irritation and inflammation. It’s like an ice-cold drink for your face.

The only problem I anticipate is the terrible task of choosing which mask to try each time. Which one should I review first? Give me your suggestions in the comments!


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  1. Yeah.. I haven’t repurchased these because of the scent. I prefer MBD and OTAKU masks 🙂


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