Repurposing Cosmetics Containers that are Too Cute to Throw Away

Asian moms are notorious for never wanting to throw a container away. Take-out containers, shoe boxes, you name it, they’ll keep it.

As an Asian mom myself, I should have known that it was only a matter of time before I started to show the first symptoms of Asian Mom Container Repurposing Disorder. Well, at least I solved the problem of making my lipsticks more accessible so that I’ll be more likely to touch up during the day.

Repurposed Banila Clean It Zero jumbo container
How’s that for upcycling?

Do you keep your empty skincare containers? What do you do with them?


3 thoughts on “Repurposing Cosmetics Containers that are Too Cute to Throw Away

  1. All of my makeup brushes, hair sticks, cotton balls/pads and q-tips are in recycled candle jars. I like candy tins for things like bobby pins and hair elastics. My piggy bank is a pretty tea tin that I bought just because I liked the tin. πŸ™‚

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