Always Lose Spatulas? Try This.

I really like using spatulas to dispense products that come in jars. It’s not that I’m overly worried about contamination, as products formulated with appropriate preservatives are perfectly safe in jars. It’s just that I don’t like using my fingers to scoop things out because I hate getting creams under my nails. That drives me crazy.

Unfortunately, I’m constantly losing the spatulas. They end up at the bottom of my skincare basket, costing me precious minutes having to dig them out every time I want to use a jarred product. I wanted to use Velcro dots to fix the problem, but we’re fresh out of those.

Asian Mom Ingenuity to the rescue!

There. I'll never lose a spatula again.
There. I’ll never lose a spatula again.

Do you use spatulas for your jar products? How do you keep them together?