Video: Niuer Talks Naruko!

I’ve got something a little different today for those of you who are Naruko fans or just curious about the Taiwanese skincare brand that I’ve been loving so much lately!

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A little while back, I went out on a limb and asked my contact at Naruko’s US offices whether I could interview someone at the brand. She came back to me with an answer that was even better than I’d hoped for: Niuer, the founder and face of the company, was willing to do it, and even answer some of my questions on video for you guys! The most awesome thing anyone can do in my eyes is cooperate with me, so this video cements my believe that Niuer is the most awesome ever.

Watch Niuer talk about how his career in the beauty industry was his destiny and learn a few things about what makes Naruko special in the exclusive video below. Then keep an eye out, because I’ll have more interview answers from Niuer coming soon!

Also, if you haven’t already entered, make sure to check out my mega Naruko giveaway. You could win a ton of Niuer’s creations soon. You can also head on over to Naruko Boutique US* to see what they have to offer. There are always great sales going on.

Can you believe Niuer graduated med school in 1991?!?!?!?!?!


14 thoughts on “Video: Niuer Talks Naruko!

  1. Have you heard about the ordinary skincare? I’m intrigued, they are very upfront about their formulations and super cheap! I just both the vitamin c serum and I hope it works!


    1. I have definitely been hearing about them! I haven’t really felt compelled to try them out since I don’t have many holes in my routine and usually want to fill spots with things that have a bit more excitement factor, but I see the appeal of the formulations and low prices. Let me know what you think of the C serum after you use it for a while!


  2. Thanks for this! He’s so impressive. I look forward to trying some Naruko products soon once a space clears in my testing schedule. I am needing a new moisturizer (I am still waiting for Chel to realize Tres Leches, but I need something in the meantime), and for now I have some Sulwhasoo samples coming in the mail, but I’m waiting to see what you think of the Naruko one you’re trying (at least I think you are).


  3. I didn’t realize Niuer was medically trained… the only Taiwanese brand I’m using at the moment is Dr Wu.

    I’ve always looked at Naruko as a sort of throwaway brand (since it’s very widely available in Southeasr Asia). Will be interesting to see how his Job’s Tears products stack up against something like Naturie Hatomugi.


    1. Hello,
      What products are you using from Dr. Wu, and what has been your experience? I just discovered his line this week and have been doing some more research on the line.


      1. Hi just saw your reply now.

        I like the mandelic acid 18% used once or twice a week.

        The vit C hydrogel masks are great for killing any redness or any small pimples/irritations.


  4. Hi Fiddy My boyfriend is in a professional technology program and has an assignment: to research a production facility and needs a video produced showing production of a product. He wants to do sheetmasks (his program is nuclear technology, but the assignment can be production of any product:). Can you direct me to one or more of the company produced videos of sheetmask production? I know they’re out there. Much appreciated! Peace, Julia (loyal Kbeauty fan and follower)

    On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 8:41 PM, Fifty Shades of Snail wrote:

    > Fiddy Snails posted: “I’ve got something a little different today for > those of you who are Naruko fans or just curious about the Taiwanese > skincare brand that I’ve been loving so much lately! Affiliate links are > marked with an asterisk(*). A little while back, I” >


  5. I have only tried one Naruko product so far (I have the snail masks on order). I have the “Rose and Snow Fungus Classic Hydrating Night Gelly”…and, oh my Lord!! I have never ever had my face feel so incredible in the morning!! I could not stop touching and looking at my face (and I’ve tried a lot of night packs).

    Anyway…I am excited to watch this video….thanks for doing it and posting it!! You are simply awesome and I love your blog 🙂


  6. Thanks for sharing this! I loved that I could watch this video without subs. So cute how he refers to himself as a teacher in the beginning. Niuer’s passion about skincare and beauty is very obvious and his thoughts were enlightening. Naruko is a brand I hope to try soon.


  7. This was so awesome to listen to!! And omg I wondered the same thing, medical school in 1991? Here I’m thinking he’s in his 20s! I loved to hear his explanation behind naming the brand Naruko and it’s meaning, that is so beautiful!!!


  8. Great video! I love that the brand is also concerned about helping the environment, too. I’ve felt overwhelmed by their website, so I hope they make some improvements to it, but it’s a brand that I definitely want to try soon.


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