Naruko CNY Giveaway Winners

Naruko Youth Activating Enhancer packaging detail

It’s that time again…time to announce some giveaway winners! The 10 winners of the Naruko x Fifty Shades of Snail CNY “Year of the Cock” giveaway, randomly selected by Rafflecopter, are:

1. Stephanie Moore
2. Luna Gray
3. Caitlyn Ferdinand
4. Jen Anderson
5. Marta Kubic
6. Pamela Puglisi
7. Amy Casanova
8. Minna Chow Shirley
9. Jennifer Aliwarga
10. Rachel Owen

The winners have been contacted. I can’t wait to hear what they think of their prizes!

Thanks for playing and keep an eye out for future giveaways, some of them international if I can beef up my arm-twisting skills!

4 thoughts on “Naruko CNY Giveaway Winners

  1. Hi Fiddy, I’m one of the winner and I’m so excited when I found out! xD But I haven’t got any email about it (the only reason I found out is because I checked you blog). What should I do?


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