Guest Post: On Asian Beauty Hype, Appropriation, and a Global Skincare Routine

Among online beauty communities, the international community of Asian cosmetics enthusiasts located in, or originally from, the Western hemisphere–commonly known as the Asian Beauty or AB community–is considered one of the […]

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My Fast Morning Skincare Routine

I originally planned to title this post “My Busy Mom Skincare Routine” but changed my mind because you don’t have to be a parent to want your skin to look […]

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Fermentation, First Essences, and that FTE Glow: Secret Key vs. Naruko Facial Essence Review

Years ago in a meeting room in faraway Asia, hardworking cosmetics marketers discovered that the story they’d spun, of peasant sake brewers with mind-blowingly soft and youthful hands, could sell bottle […]

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