Off-Blog: My Dewy Skin Tips at GlowieCo

As many of you may know, I do some freelance writing, both because I like money and because I like having additional platforms from which to spew my never-ending thoughts about skincare. I’ve recently taken on the new AB e-tailer GlowieCo, which launched with a selection of awesome Taiwanese and Japanese skincare products. I really like the GlowieCo leadership team’s attitude towards AB and I love their focus on T-beauty, so writing for them is a natural fit! My first post there is a primer on getting that famous dewy glow with skincare rather than makeup.

There may always be room for a matte look, but fresh, glowing, bare (or bare-looking) skin is everywhere these days—it’s a look that’s both aspirational and down-to-earth. And though that dewy glow can be approximated with makeup, it’s best achieved through skincare. Instead of seeing our complexions as canvases to be painted over, we’re finding ways to make our skin a feature to be celebrated all on its own. But though it appears effortless, bare(ish) skin with that coveted dewy finish does take work.

Please hop over and have a read here! And if you shop their site afterwards, you can use my affiliate code FIDDYSNAILS for 10% off.

No base makeup here. Only skincare.

And if you weren’t aware that I write for other sites, you can see my work occasionally on Beautytap’s editorial side and the Holy Snails blog.

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