Off-Blog: 10-Minute Skincare Routines and BTS x Mediheal Mask Review

Lately I’ve been realizing that my writing is spread across a few different sites, so I should be better at linking articles here when I want to share them. Here are two recent ones I wrote for Beautytap!

Back to School Beauty: 10-Minute Skincare for Busy Students

I know I’m prone to very long skincare routines myself, especially in the evening, but I also know that lots of other people don’t have the time–especially not busy students.

A routine that keeps your skin looking and feeling its best doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. Here’s a super simple student skincare routine — and some extras to add on as needed or desired.

Read it here.

The Review: Mediheal x BTS Bio Capsulin Love Me Mask Set

I’m not the biggest K-pop fan, but I am a fan of Mediheal masks, so I tried these.

Instead of coming folded neatly into flat pouches, as is the norm, the trio of masks included in this set come in little heart-shaped plastic capsules with peel-off lids. I squinted suspiciously at the first one. In what kind of condition could I expect to find the mask inside? I pictured a wadded up ball of cloth sitting in a puddle of essence, with half of it dried out and the other half soggy.

Read it here.

Happy reading! Here’s some sort of rodent taking a shower.


2 thoughts on “Off-Blog: 10-Minute Skincare Routines and BTS x Mediheal Mask Review

  1. I love your blog but ugh on that first post I really hate the blurb on top, I hope you didn’t write it 😦
    “Your most important homework assignment for the year? Getting your skin to the top of the class. ”

    I know it’s meant non seriously, but I still find it incredibly annoying to downplay the importance of actual, erm, schoolwork??


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