Off-Blog: Sheet Mask Ingredients, Anti-Aging Lessons, Acids Prep

I don’t post nearly as much here as I do on Instagram, but I am always writing something! Here are my latest articles on other sites.

GlowieCo and I have developed a good relationship primarily based on our shared love of Taiwanese sheet masks. I’ve wanted to write a big sheet mask ingredient guide for a long time, so I wrote one for them.

As with skincare in general, the best starting point for choosing your masks is the ingredients. Ingredient awareness will enable you to quickly narrow down your choices to the options most likely to help you achieve your skin goals. Ingredient awareness can also help you avoid ingredients that are incompatible with your skin or your skin goals.

It’s got a nice hyperlinked list of ingredients right near the top, so if you’re just curious about one particular ingredient, you can skip right to it. Or read the whole thing for an overview! Read it here. And if you want to shop them afterwards, don’t forget to use my affiliate code FIDDYSNAILS for 10% off your order.

Over on Beautytap editorial, I contributed a couple of articles, too. First up are the anti-aging lessons I’ve learned on the way to forty (which is coming up soon for me).

We can get into a whole other discussion on society’s beauty standards and the self-reflection it takes to meaningfully challenge those ingrained expectations, but this isn’t the article for that. For now, let’s just say that the appearance of my skin did impact my confidence and self-image. I am a big believer in doing something about the things that make us feel less than great in our own skin, so I did.

Read it here.

And second is the first in a two-part series of things to know before you begin using acids.

For many people, chemical exfoliation is a holy grail part of their skincare routine, the secret weapon to keeping skin smooth, clear, and fresh. For others, acids can be a nightmare. Which one will it be for you? These nine things will help you make acids work for you, instead of working against every goal you have for your face.

Read it here.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back with some actual blog posts on this actual blog soon!


3 thoughts on “Off-Blog: Sheet Mask Ingredients, Anti-Aging Lessons, Acids Prep

  1. Hi,
    Sorry to jump on and comment on an unrelated post. But do you know a dupe for Goodal Waterest Lasting Oil? It seems to be discountinued :(. It was one of your faves so was wondering what you were using to replace it with?


    1. I do not–that’s one of those products that’s very unique! It kind of comes and goes but the only place to find it when it’s around is Club Clio’s website.


  2. Hi. All three articles were really enlightening. Especially the anti aging one and the acid one. I have a question here, if I may ask. Can BHA be used to treat painful deep-seated nodular acnes?


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