YMMV stands for “Your Mileage May Vary.”

When it comes to reading reviews and choosing skincare products to try, it’s critical to keep YMMV in mind. We are an amazingly diverse species with seemingly endless genetic variations. No two people are exactly alike.

What that means is that what works wonders for me might give you the worst cystic acne of your life. Ingredients my skin can’t tolerate might turn out to be your holy grails. And even the trendiest or most perennially popular products will turn out to be total fails for at least some people.

Throughout this blog, I will strive to give the most objective and informative reviews that I can. I’ll discuss ingredients and skin types and identify common irritants or acne triggers wherever I can so that you’ll have more than just my personal impressions to consider.

There will be products I love, and I will rave about those products as if they’re made out of mermaid tears and unicorn butter. There will be products I hate, and I will rant about those products as if they stole my identity and ruined my credit buying baseball cards and cheese. But my enthusiasm, and that of other bloggers’, shouldn’t be the sole factors influencing anyone’s buying decisions. Consider what’s in a product and what you want to get out of it, and remember that YMMV, as you make up your mind.

And for a more up-to-date discussion of YMMV, check out this post here 🙂


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