40,000+ Pageviews Contest and Giveaway Announcement and Official Rules

Happy Monday, everyone!

Over the weekend, Fifty Shades of Snail hit 40,000 pageviews. I only started this blog in February, so this feels huge for me, and I’d like to hand out some gifts as a way of thanking you all for being such a great and loyal audience!

That’s where this “My AB Story” contest comes in.

There will be two giveaway grand prize winners, one each in the categories “Asian Skincare User” and “Asian Skincare Curious.” Each grand prize winner will receive a set of 5 masks hand-picked from my favorites: 2 hydrogels and 3 sheet masks apiece! A runner-up in each category will receive 1 hydrogel and 1 sheet mask.

In order to enter, leave a new post on the Fifty Shades of Snail Facebook page that tells me:

-If you are an Asian Skincare User: What you love the most about Asian skincare or what Asian skincare has done for you, which are your favorite Asian skincare products, and how long you’ve been using Asian skincare,


-If you are Asian Skincare Curious: What interests you the most about Asian skincare, what skin issues you hope to address, and what Asian products you’re most interested in trying.

The “My AB Story” contest is open to readers worldwide and will end on Friday, April 24. The entries in each category that make me laugh the loudest, cry the hardest, think the longest, or nod my head the most violently in agreement–basically, my favorite entries–will win. You can enter once for the main giveaways; rules for random drawings will be posted with the drawings. By the way, be on the lookout for random drawings popping up on Facebook during the week for the chance to win sheet masks!

The contest will run until midnight PST Friday, 4/24/15 and winners will be announced the following Monday.

Tell me your AB Story!