COSRX News: COSRX Now Available Stateside!

Good news for those of you who have been dying to try out the COSRX products I’ve been raving about, but who have been hesitant to order from Korean sites (or annoyed at the long shipping times from Korea to the US): A US-based K-beauty retailer now carries a nice variety of COSRX products! Cupidrop has just started offering COSRX.

Cupidrop’s COSRX collection is here.  They’ve got several of my favorites:

The best thing is that the prices are close to those offered by Korean sellers–no insane markup like the ones I’ve seen on Amazon!

Disclaimer: I haven’t yet shopped from Cupidrop myself (though I probably will, if only for the COSRX). I am not affiliated with the site and will not make any money from linking to their products.

If you’re curious about COSRX but were waiting for them to be sold on US soil, now’s your chance to try this amazing brand out.


4 thoughts on “COSRX News: COSRX Now Available Stateside!

  1. Hey! I was actually contemplating between buying the a-sol and the blackhead power liquid. What’s the difference between the two? 🙂

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    1. The Blackhead Power Liquid is their true BHA exfoliant. The A-Sol is more of a spot treatment/preventative toner; it does not have a high enough percentage of betaine salicylate or a low enough pH to be truly effective at exfoliating.

      Of course I think you should get both, because I have both :p


  2. I just bought some COSRX because of your blog and got it today! I bought mine from rubyruby and she is even more inexpensive. I’ve bought from them prior and is a reliable seller.

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