The Memebox Strategy for K-Beauty World Domination*

*Or at least household name status

Despite having never bought a single beauty box in my life (I’m picky and not the biggest fan of surprises), I’ve somehow developed a huge fondness for Memebox. I discovered some of my all-time favorite masks on Memebox (the Freeset Donkey Milk Aqua and Donkey Milk Healing and the practically legendary Banila Co. Miss Flower & Mr. Honey hydrogel masks come to mind) and I was beyond excited when they started carrying COSRX. I get a ton of my makeup from Memebox. Whenever I have an itchy ordering finger but am not in need of anything in particular, I head on over to their mask section to pick out a few new things to try. Memebox has definitely seen its share of missteps, like any other brand, but in my opinion, the company does plenty of stuff right.

These boxes have brought me a lot of happies over the last year and a half.

I was happy to be asked to be a Memebox Brand Ambassador. Now I’ll be working more closely with the company as a member of Memebox’s just-announced K-Beauty Innovation Board. Along with a small group of leading K-beauty bloggers and content creators like my friends Kerry from Skin and Tonics, Coco from The Beauty Wolf, Tracy of Fanserviced-B, and Sheryll at The Wanderlust Project, I’ll be advising Memebox on product curation and working with the company to develop new products tailored to the needs of discriminating K-beauty enthusiasts (like me).

It’s amazing to be in such good company. Literally, Kerry, Coco, Tracy, and Sheryll have been some of the biggest influences on my own K-beauty and blogging adventures, and Memebox is one of the most visible and well known outlets for K-beauty in the US. I can’t wait to see what our group comes up with.  I’ll be sharing everything I can here to keep you all in the loop!

Read more about the K-Beauty Innovation Board on the Memebox blog!

What do you think? Can K-beauty products become household staples in the West?


21 thoughts on “The Memebox Strategy for K-Beauty World Domination*

  1. What a fan-TASTIC opportunity for both you and the AB community! It is so good to know that someone who I trust when it comes to Asian skincare and beauty will be actively contributing to a company a renowned and visible as Memebox! Let’s celebrate with sheet masks!

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    1. YES!!!! This!! All we up here in Canada can do is watch all the beautiful hauls, getting #Memeboxenvy 😉 Buy some French stickers & slap ’em on, manufacturers! We know the language requirements are a giant pain, but there are ways to manage them both cheaply & elegantly 😀

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  2. Wow! Memebox certainly has assembled a stellar group of participants for their KB Innovation Board! This is quite an “innovative” idea and is very much to their credit. I also think it’s quite notable that you – and the other busy young ladies – are willing to devote some of your time to this effort. I think AB and Memebox will both be very much to the better because of it. Kudos to you all and to Memebox!

    As for KB products becoming household staples, I’m really not sure. Certainly, we are seeing many more “KB influenced” products like sheet masks, sleep packs and cushions at western cosmetic counters, beauty stores like Sephora and ULTA, and even some drug stores.

    IMHO though, these things will not take off without more education and marketing than is presently taking place. If all of the above really want KB to take off, then there needs to be much more in the way of special KB events, and much better marketing. You can’t just put these new products on a shelf somewhere and expect them to sell themselves.

    I think a much more difficult project – but, IMHO, quite necessary – would be to inculcate more widespread acceptance of the KB “beauty philosophy” which has some notable differences from standard western “beauty”. Personally, I think a greater emphasis on skincare – and from an earlier age – in order to be the best you can be “naturally” would be a very good thing.

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    1. Thank you, Jimmy 🙂 You’re exactly right about “you can’t just put these new products on a shelf somewhere and expect them to sell themselves”–the reason Michael chose primarily bloggers to work with is for the educational aspect, that’s super necessary, and goes way beyond “ZOMG THE KOREAN 55-STEP ROUTINE!”

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  3. Congratulations to you all! I agree with Jimmy about the importance of the educational aspect, so I’m glad that my favorite bloggers & co. are on board! Now onto a more micro matter: please bring the Freeset Donkey Milk Cream to Memebox! 🙂

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  4. Super excited for this!!!

    From you I found out the wonders of Tosowoong’s Enzyme Wash and the Propolis Sparkle Ampoule.

    I’m really hoping the people can learn more. My skin is super sensitive, and after following Wishtrend, /r/AsianBeauty, and learning the difference of lower pH cleansers, my skin has slowly but surely been on the up and up. Let alone, the texture of my skin is SO much better.

    Hopefully someday the US can find out how great snails are, and that great skincare doesn’t HAVE to come from Paris and cost $200 for a serum (Truth be told, if I ever have enough money, I would love to do a test and see a comparison, even though I bet AB does everything just as well).

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  5. That’s fantastic. I often wondered how they came up with the box cure shin and I have emailed them, along with a few dozen friends, in regards to creating a box curated for antiaging as most box sets seem targeted towards those with acne or Blemished skin. Predominantly those not in their 40s looking to rectify the aging process. In my opinion, that’s a huge piece of the puzzle they are missing out on

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  6. I love getting my pretty pink boxes, but there’s only so much moisturizer my skin needs, before it’s off to another curated box set, geared towards my old self 🙂 I would much rather give them my hard earned dollars, but we shall see what the future brings

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