Big Blog News: Introducing the Snailcast!

Slap on a sheet mask and plug in your headphones, because the Snailcast is here!

I love podcasts. Every night before bed, I queue up a couple of episodes of whatever I feel like listening to in bed. It’s generally something nice and spooky like Anything Ghost, but I’ve often thought about how amazing it would be if there were a podcast available about the things that I really love. Namely, Asian cosmetics, K-beauty, and mindful skincare in general. Ghosts and skinwalkers and shadow persons are cool, but I’d rather fall asleep listening to friends chat about K-beauty, skincare, and all the wacky and wonderful things we love to slather on our faces.

Well, guess what? Now I can, and so can you!

After many a late-night chat session, my friends Tracy from Fanserviced-B, Snow from Snow White and the Asian Pear, Chel from Holy Snails, and I decided to take the plunge into the podcasting world. Why not? We felt that together, we could make it happen. And I think we’re all proud of what we’ve got so far! I know I am.

Fiddy Snails on the Snailcast
For someone who can’t even stand to play back my own outgoing voicemail recording, I sure do enjoy making our podcast.

Produced by our multitalented darling Tracy and executive produced by me, Snow, and Chel, the Snailcast is what you’d get if you took all of our blogs, stirred them up with plenty of wine and sheet mask juice, threw in a handful of HUEHUEHUEs, and decanted the concoction into an audio file for your listening enjoyment. You’ll learn our backstories in our first episode; from there, we’ll tackle topics like pre-party skincare, the K-beauty industry, budgeting for the skincare junkie, and more. We’ll have the occasional special guest. We’ll take and answer reader and listener questions, and we’ll share our thoughts on the products we’re using (and loving or hating). And we’ll do so much more that I can’t even predict.

Join us! We’re having a ton of fun recording the podcast, and I hope you all have just as much fun listening.

Listen to Episode 1: Meet the Snails here, and if you like it, subscribe to us on the Snailcast site!


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12 thoughts on “Big Blog News: Introducing the Snailcast!

  1. I LOOOOVE podcasts! I have a 1+ hour commute and it’s the one thing that brings me joy! If you like the things that go bump in the night – I would also recommend the Lore podcast. Really good stuff. Thanks for all that you and the snail team do!!

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    1. Thank youuu! And I am subscribed to Lore, which I really like! Have you listened to Jim Harold’s Campfire? I find him a little bit dorky, but some of the stories people tell are suuuuper creepy. Just the thing to listen to while trying to fall asleep on my own at 3 am!


  2. I’m so glad you guys are doing this podcast! I really enjoyed the first episode and am looking forward to more. I also love spooky podcasts and listen to both Jim Harold’s Campfire (I agree, Jim is a bit dorky) and Anything Ghost. Have you listened to Real Ghost Stories Online? Out of all the scary story podcasts I listen to, RGSO is my favorite. I love their sense of humor.

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    1. Ooh, I have that subscribed but don’t think I’ve really listened yet. Putting an episode in tonight’s queue right now!

      One show I miss is old school Coast to Coast AM, back before it was all conspiracy theories and uncomfortably wacky political stuff. I’ve listened to archived old episodes about shadow people that have kept me up until dawn, super paranoid. And I live for that!

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  3. I couldn’t sleep last night bc it was super hot (42 degrees celsius or something, and I prefer the cold) so I listened to forty minutes of the podcast in the dark before getting sleepy. Absolutely loved it, can’t wait for more!!

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  4. im so looking forward to listening to my skincare gals all together. i started k-beauty about 6 months ago and I’m down the rabbit hole! you guys have taught me so much, inspired me to take care of myself and to have pride in myself, and it’s crazy how this self-care has bled over into other areas of my life like fitness and eating right. I’ve become more knowledgeable about skincare/k-beauty over time and reading and researching on my own as well. I’ve combined knowledge from all of you and have synthesized this information into something that works for me. each one of you has contributed in different ways and you have different communication styles and fortes. but fiddy, i just lol with you! i have a lot in common with you, our age, appearance-wise and we both have asian/caucasian boys, same age. lol. i only wish i had learned of k-beauty sooner! ugh. anyway i just started curology so I’m excited to get it in the mail! anyway, thanks for everything you do!

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  5. OMG…! You gals rock! I’m listening to the podcast right now at work. Lol. I can’t wait for the next podcast. I stalk all of your blogs and IG acounts. Hehe. More power to you guys and keep on rockin!

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  6. I love podcasts and I love that you guys are doing a podcast! It was fun listening to this and I hope you guys will have more coming soon. Will it be a weekly podcast? Bi-weekly? Monthly?

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  7. YESSSS! podcast addict here- subscribed immediately!! you know Oh Boy recently interviewed the woman behind Peach & Lily? it was kind of drawn out but had some interesting bits about starting a kbeauty site and speaking with different companies, etc.

    excited to hear more!!

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