Birthday Shark Hunt!

It’s my birthday! Today I turn thirty-six!


I wanted to share my birthday with you guys in a special way this year, since you all made last year so amazing for me. So I teamed up with Memebox to bring you…a catch and release shark hunt!

Fiddyshark for Memebox sale
This is the Fiddyshark.

See the Fiddyshark above? From about 9am PST on, Fiddyshark will be hiding somewhere on the Memebox site. Find the Fiddyshark and add it to your cart, and you’ll get 15% off of everything except value sets, boxes, and app-only sale items! You have until 9am PST tomorrow to catch that Fiddyshark.

Affiliate links marked with an asterisk(*) below.

Ready? Click on over to Memebox* to get started! I have no idea where Fiddyshark is hiding, but I suggest starting in the Banila Co*, Tosowoong*, or I’m Meme* sections, since so many of my favorite things live there!

I’m going to go put a sheet mask on and lie back down now.


25 thoughts on “Birthday Shark Hunt!

  1. Happy Birthday…have a great day and year. May your lotions and potions continue to bring you joy and happiness. Lots of love, A

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    1. I need to get my eyes checked, lol. I looked and looked and looked at those pages all over and did not see it and gave up. When I went back for a third time, I finally found it. AGH, I would totally lose at Where’s Waldo?

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  2. Happy birthday! I don’t need anything from the site, but I’m still going to hunt for the shark in your honor. I hope you have a great day, and don’t feel old–I’m also in my 30s but am older than you. 🙂

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  3. Happy Birthday Fiddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thank YOU for another amazing year of informative, educational, and sometimes funny blog posts documenting your incredible journey through the wonderful world of AB!

    We are all much better informed consumers and users of AB products due to the tremendous time, effort and diligence you put into each and every one of your reviews.

    I have the greatest respect and admiration for you and hold you in the utmost regard.

    I sincerely hope the coming year is the best yet for you – in ALL ways!

    PS: 36, eh? Thirty six never looked so good as it does on you. You could EASILY pass for 26 (and even that would be at the high end of the range)!

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  4. Happy Birthday, pretty lady! I just received my Memebox order this week with the Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash Cleanser in it (love that! thank you!), so I won’t be ordering anything. Just wishing you another wonderful year. You are dearly appreciated!

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  5. Happy, happy birthday! I hope you will continue your great blogging work for many future years and help us with deciding which products might be worth to try. Have a great day!

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