Just some quick COSRX news

Very quickly, because I’m too excited to hold this in anymore: I have permission from the lovely Hye Young at COSRX to drop some news about a couple of upcoming COSRX product releases.

Sometime this summer, COSRX, makers of my favorite snail products, will be releasing…

snail toner.



Excuse me while I go flail around in happiness for a bit.

Also, there’s a pore serum in the works.

COSRX snail toner and snail sheet mask announcement
So my COSRX snails will have some company.

22 thoughts on “Just some quick COSRX news

  1. So exciting! The last time they released
    something new (blackhead cream) the first place I was able to get it was Jolse….so I’ll be stalking their site! 😊 Thanks for letting us know! 💫💫


  2. Woohoo! While I’m in love with my current toner and not looking to cheat, still, I’m thrilled that Cosrx is expanding their snail line, and when my current love of my life toner runs out, I’ll definitely try the snail toner! The mask sounds pretty awesome too (I’ve tried the Ciracle ones and like them).

    Thanks for brightening up my Saturday afternoon! 🙂


  3. OMG YES A COSRX SNAIL SHEET MASK AND TONER??? I’ll be waiting patiently for your review and your (most definitely) large stashes on snapchat 😏😏😏


  4. Yay! Always happy to have more snails! Especially in my sheet mask arsenal! Their snail essence and cream are absolutely lovely, so I can imagine the new toner and sheet mask will be as well. Also, I was wondering if you have tried any of the Cosrx ampoules?? Mainly, the Propolis Light Ampoule?? I would love to see a review of that sometime! 🙂


    1. Saaaaame. True story, today I had a slip in the mailbox that a registered mail package from Korea was waiting for me at the post office. Cosrx is one of the few places that sends stuff to me that way, so I got soooo excited. But that’s not what it was, and I’m still sad.


  5. Is COSRX cruelty free? I have been searching for this info, but cannot find it anywhere. Thank you!


    1. As far as I know, they are–they definitely don’t test on animals (at one point, Hye Young explained that instead, they test on employees HAHAHA).


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