Casual Weekend: Hamster Butts and Memebox Codes!

Update: I’m out of codes, but enjoy the hamster butts anyway!

There are a lot of things I didn’t realize I’d end up doing when I first started this blog. Purchasing an actual camera, for one thing; learning how to take (and edit) a decent product photo. Letting the Internet see my mishaps and mistakes. And–one of the big ones–fielding emails from shops and brands. Most of those emails are the usual offer of product in exchange for possible review, which I’ve gotten used to. But sometimes I get a different kind: the shop asking me to write a post about a particular topic.

It’s an interesting strategy. My friend Tracy (you might know of her from Fanserviced-B or maybe the Snailcastwrote about Glossier’s use of it over on Racked. I’ve gotten a few such emails before, not always from beauty or skincare brands, and I’ve so far not felt compelled to take any of them up on the idea. I kind of started this blog so I could have full control of what I choose to write. Editorial suggestions from outsiders aren’t really where I’m at. But then I got an email with a topic idea that I couldn’t resist, so here we are.

(Also, I have Memebox codes to give out, and this seems like a good place for them.)

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The email came from the Holy Snails shop, which is run by another of my good friends and fellow bloggers, Chel of Holy Snails. I think the reason it worked is because Chel actually knows me and my interests. Here it is.



So a shop wants me to write about hamsters? I’ll go one step further and show you my favorite hamsters from my favorite angle. Behold. Courtesy of Holy Snails, the best hamster butts I’ve found on Instagram. I like to look at the #hamstagram tag when I’m lying down with a sheet mask on.

待ちに待った月に一度のお楽しみ😆💖🍑✨ @tommo_72 さん主催の #ハムケツ祭 #毎月6日はハムケツ祭 #ラテケツ ☻ ふわもこラテケツ〜〜〜😍💕🐹🍑✨ おちりの他にもキュンポイントがもう1つ、2つあるよ⇒あんよのかかと…😂🐾ちょこんと見えるお耳もたまらーんっ😆👍 2017.1.6 ☻ #ハムスターラテ#ハムスター#ジャンガリアンハムスター#ジャンガリアン#ジャンガリアンプディング#プディングジャンガリアン#イエロージャンガリアン#ふわもこ部 #モフモフ#ペット#親バカ部 #hamster#djungarian#hamstagram#hammy#happy_pets#PET_OF_OUR_WORLD#igersjp#ig_japan#instapet#weeklyfluff#kawaii#cute#仓鼠#정글리안#햄스터

A photo posted by hamster_moco (@asahi.fl) on

Oh, and here’s a bunny bod.

Yoga with Tato

A photo posted by Tato (@worriedpotato) on

And Lil Bub!

help please #lilbub #spookythecat

A photo posted by Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) on

WHAT? Nobody can be all skincare, all the time!

If you’re just here for the coupon codes, thanks for scrolling anyway and I’m sorry about all those fluffy chubby little hamster butts with the teeny tiny tails that you had to look at on the way down. If you want a $10 Memebox* code, leave a comment, and I’ll pass out as many as I can tomorrow–first come first served. If you’d rather have a $5 Beautibi code, let me know in your comment. I have a few of those I can give out, too.

If you like hamster butts, you should probably go look at that #hamstagram tag. Yet another Snailcaster, Cat from Snow White and the Asian Pear, turned me on to it, and my life hasn’t been the same since. It’s been much better.

Oh! One last note before I go! If you like the Snailcast and you like or want to try Shark Sauce and you also enjoy juvenile body part humor as much as we do, you should probably enter the Snailcast first anniversary giveaway. We’re giving away Chel’s latest creation, Snailcast Nightshade. Check the details here.

I’m going to go look at hamsters now.

181 responses to “Casual Weekend: Hamster Butts and Memebox Codes!

  1. Oh my goodness. Left my phone on my desk while this article is on and my kids cannot let go of it anymore after seeing all the cute “hammers” and “ats” (youngest can’t enunciate the “r” yet)! 🙂

    Could I get a memebox code pls? TIA.


  2. I’m always forcing people to look at my fur baby’s pictures so I love those fluffy butts!! I would love a MEMEBOX code if you have one please? Thank you and have a wonderful year.


  3. Oh, I do NOT need a code, because I don’t need another excuse to buy stuff, but I do love hamsters. We recently decided we were done with hamsters, though, because of their relatively short lifespans and it’s so heartbreaking. So we went to a dog rescue organization and brought home a (well, yet another) dog. But hamsters will always make me say, “Awwww, so cute!”

    I do definitely need to enter the Snailcast giveaway. I haven’t found anything I don’t like from Holy Snails.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I would love a membox code! It’s about time for me to re stock on my ID my favorite Cosrx products, discovered through your blog 🙂


  5. I’d love a Memebox code if there are any!
    I look for bunnies while sheet masking 🙂 I’ll have to add hamsters to my search!


  6. I’m a big bunny person but hamsters are like smaller versions of it 😂 hamster butts are awesome! Corgi butts too


  7. Hey fiddy! You might be out but I’d love a memebox code if you still have any left 🙂 Also thank you for the morning hamster butt entertainment 🙏🏼🙏🏼


  8. I love reading your blog! Thank you for hamster butss and making my day ❤ I would really appreciate a memebox code if you have any because they’re my favorite american retailer of k beauty!


  9. How have I lived this long without knowing there’s a not so secret society coveting hamster butts? I feel so marginalized. Thank you (and Chel) for being so inclusive. I feel loved. Ba ha ha. Thanks Fiddy. If you have any Beautibi codes left, there’s a Hyggee toner hanging out in my cart. Big love to you.


  10. Awww! I loaf those fluffy butts xD
    May I have Memebox code? I’m going to make some order and then… I found your blog 🙂


  11. Any Beautibi codes left? I’m over Memebox after a number of disasters. Beautibi is much lovelier to order from!


  12. Haha!! I love the hamster butts! Just getting started with the K-beauty and your blog has been incredibly helpful! If you have any Memebox codes left, I would love to try them out! Thanks again for all your great reviews!


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