Where to Buy COSRX in the US

Transparent Snail is Transparent: I am in no way affiliated with the brand discussed in this post, do not earn commissions from either seller discussed here, and gain nothing from any sales of the brand’s product, except the satisfaction of leading another person to a stellar skincare brand. In fact, I have never even gotten a press sample directly from the brand, and that’s totally fine. Take my money.

I’m starting to think that COSRX is going to be a serious contender among Korean brands sold in the US. In some ways, the company is a dark horse: no cutesy packaging, gimmicky themes, or unusual (“weird”) formats, and therefore almost nothing to distinguish it to the casual observer as a K-beauty brand. But COSRX is blowing up.

A quick explanation for newcomers to my blog and/or to Korean skincare: COSRX is gaining passionate customers for its simply and effectively formulated products, which include AHA and BHA chemical exfoliants and barrier-repairing moisturizing creams. It’s serious skincare that solves specific problems with proven ingredients–at very affordable prices. This no-frills approach appeals to consumers’ practical side, something that Glow Recipe cofounder and co-CEO Christine Chang believes is critical to establishing K-beauty in the US market.

I own a lot of COSRX products.

COSRX skincare products
And I plan to acquire more.

I credit COSRX’s BHA Blackhead Power Liquid with clearing my nose of its black pepper mess so effectively that I never feel the need to shrink my pores with my old clay mask trick.

Nose pores cleared with BHA use
Black pepper is good on Panda Express chicken, not on my nose.

COSRX’s Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol has drastically diminished my formerly chronic red patches. The AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid and Galactomyces 95 White Power (yeesh) Essence, meanwhile, have smoothed out my texture and evened out my skin tone. And the brand’s Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream and Honey Ceramide Eye Cream keep my skin supple and comfortable every day. In fact, it’s primarily because I’ve been using COSRX that I felt comfortable enough, last night, to take a fully bare-faced selfie–and to put that selfie on this blog for all of you to see.

No makeup selfie
I mean, I’m wrinkling up my forehead on purpose, and took this picture in truly awful nighttime bathroom lighting, but believe me, this is an enormous improvement over 6 months ago.

(Actually, three no-makeup selfies. I livetweeted my first experience with a rubbery “modeling mask” last night. Hashtag #crazysnailface. The mask certainly gave me a big boost, but the truth is that I’d been having a good skin day anyway–I have good skin days almost every day thanks to my daily skin care routine, in which COSRX has a starring role.)

Anyway. If you live in the US and you want to try COSRX products, you no longer have to wait weeks as they ship out from Korea, go through US customs, and make their way to you. In fact, you don’t have just one trusthworthy option for buying COSRX from within the US. You have two! You can base your choice partially (or entirely, if you have patience issues like me) on which seller is closer to you so that you can get your COSRX fix as fast as possible.

If you live in the western half of the United States, check out San Francisco-based Memebox US, which juuuuust started carrying an excellent selection of COSRX products. I’ve made plenty of orders from Memebox and can vouch for their fast order processing and shipping times and excellent customer service.

If you live in the eastern half of the United States, on the other hand, give NYC’s Cupidrop a shot. This seller also carries COSRX’s greatest hits. While I haven’t personally ordered from Cupidrop yet, I know several people who have, and I’ve heard only great feedback about the site’s shipping and service.

Have you been hesitating to try out COSRX because you’re concerned about ordering directly from Korea? Now that isn’t a good excuse anymore.

Which COSRX products interest you the most, and why?


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  1. Question: Which Cosrx BHA would you recommend to replace Paula’s Choice BHA 2% as a daily BHA? I was thinking to purchase the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid as an all over face daily BHA but after reading about the different formulations of Cosrx BHA’s, I’m on the fence. (That’s a lot of mentions of BHA, lol sorry)


    1. It’s the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid for sure! If you were looking at the Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol, that is a spot treatment/general acid booster. The AHA/BHA Toner or whatever it’s called is a pH adjusting toner that you would use right before your acids in order to maximize their effectiveness by lowering your skin’s pH first.


  2. I love the AHA 7 (my skin is so soft after only 3 or 4 once-a-week uses!) and the Awkward Name essence. I’ve ordered the BHA and Honey cream 🙂 and I’m tempted by the Returning A-Sol partly to reduce redness (I have rosacea) and partly because it has a comedy rude name. Well it does if you pronounce it the same way I do…

    In other news now I want that cat shaped pact. Dammit.

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    1. Juliette, if it helps at all, I used to have the Cat’s Wink pact, and while it’s pretty good (especially for the price!!) the Innisfree No Sebum is miles better 😀

      But. I know, I know. It’s crazy adorable.


  3. Currently, I really like the ASol, I am looking forward to the pH friendly cleanser, and if they ever made a sheet mask, OMG!

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  4. Okay, Sharkus, I know you didn’t mean to enable me, but within 24 hours I have spent $94 between Cupidrop and Memebox on COSRX products. You’ve convinced me to try these for a variety of reasons, namely the results, the fact that we’ve both used similar products with similar outcomes (PC BHA, I am side-eyeing you so hard), and the short ingredients list means it might not irritate me, which would be WONDERFUL. I thank you for the enabling, but my bank account is soooooo not happy with me ><

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    1. It’s okay. Tell your bank account it’s welcome to come hang out with my bank account and talk crap about me behind my back :p

      I hope the COSRX products work out for you! Which ones did you get?

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      1. The three I specifically got because of your enab–I mean, your lovely thorough reviews–are the A-Sol (can’t say it out loud with a straight face), the Whitehead Power Liquid, and the Blackhead Power Liquid. I also picked up the Snail 96 essence after scouring AB on reddit and doing some Googling. The Mizon snail line broke me out horribly, so I’m hoping the short ingredients for COSRX means it’ll be okay. (I want the snail. I will not give up on the snail until I know it’s for sure the snail giving up on me.) At least if the snail doesn’t work, I have a BFF in LA who can take it off my hands!

        Also, I’m an English major and can’t math–I spent $83, not $94. It’s sad that I am relieved that I did the math wrong, but then immediately thought, “Wait, should I have gotten something else?” I’m trying to be a good addict and only get products to replace ones I’ve tried for months that aren’t giving me the results I want. I love my nighttime moisturizer. I don’t NEED the honey cream…

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  5. Late comment is late, but I want to try just about everything. I’m leaning towards just starting off with the Blackhead BHA (Cupidrop is sold out again though), the Whitehead AHA, the snail essence, and the honey cream. Eventually I’d like to try the Unfortunately Named Essence. My skin hates me right now, and I’ve been trying to figure out the root cause, but until I figure that out I have to deal with some acne, redness, and mild sensitivity (thus the snails and honey), theoretically these should all help with one skin issue or another.

    I’m building a routine up from scratch, so I see lots of patch testing in my future. I really want my skin fixed though, it’s been depressing for it to suddenly go haywire. 😦

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    1. Argh. That does sound super frustrating! But you’re definitely going about it the right way, lots of patch testing and slowly introducing things.

      I heard Jolse has the BHA liquid right now, and it might be on sale as well.


  6. I am desperate to try some BHA and AHA actives, but my skin has been sensitive to acids in the past. Potentially due to bad pH prep or the products I was using, hard to say. I want to give acids another shot as I’m getting older and feel like I need to incorporate, but I do NOT want to spend a bunch of money if only to immediately discover that I cannot, in fact, tolerate them. Any ideas about where I could fine COSRx samples? Happy to pay for a trial size!

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  7. so I am going back and rereading your posts on cosrx especially these power liquids. i recently purchased the a-sol b/c of a post on your IG about how much mr. snails is loving it for his trouble spots. prior to that i bought the bha summer pore serum and the aha whitehead liquid. i have slowly introduced them both but the wait time on the aha is killing me in the mornings. also does the blackhead bha work similar to the summer pore serum? i hadnt seen that you blogged about that one at all. i am still try to figure out the routine to help my skin best so any tips on that would be great! so far its: 1)clean it zero 2)sum:37 rose cleansing stick or origins checks and balances foam 3) mizon aha/bha toner (3.5-sometimes aha whitehead liquid) 4) bha summer pore serum (wait 15-20 mins) 5)cosrx snail mucin 6) snoowbang and sharksauce 7)shisheido benefiance moisturizer with spf or the new cosrx oil free lotion that i am now obsessed with because it controls my sebum…

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  8. Hi,
    I been on fence for some time about getting cosrx but what would you recommend for someone who has normal/dry combination skin and having alot of random white head break outs?


  9. Hi I’m a new reader…this seems like a pretty good blog about Asian skincare products. These Cosrx products are intriguing and I’m very keen on trying them. Is there any way to get a hold of samples somewhere maybe an online shop? Thanks!


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