Shopping with Fiddy! Jolse Surprise Sale, COSRX Low pH Cleanser Coupon, and Open Post

The shop featured in this post is a Fifty Shades of Snail sponsor and, along with other Fifty Shades of Snail sponsors, provided some of the products mentioned below for review. Press samples are marked with an asterisk. This post does not contain affiliate links.

Hey, guys! Who loves sales? I love sales!

I love sales, but unfortunately I’m not really the quickest to the draw when it comes to announcing them, which is why I don’t do it that often. But I’m making an exception here for the surprise weekend sale going on at Jolse, because I happen to have a Fifty Shades of Snail-only extra coupon code that I was planning to share with you all today anyway!

A little bit about Jolse

One of my favorite Korea-based webshops, Jolse is beloved among international K-beauty fans for a couple of reasons. The most frequently cited reason is their sample service. If you haven’t purchased many Korean cosmetics yet, or if your K-beauty buying has been limited to Amazon so far, you’re in for a treat. Sample service is an integral part of the Korean beauty shopping experience, both online and in person. From standard, single-use sample foils to deluxe- and travel-size skincare products, entire sheet masks, and the occasional full-sized piece of makeup, the little freebies add a fun extra touch to a haul. Jolse has some of the most consistently generous sample service around. In addition to the sample foils, I’ve gotten packs of Jolse-branded blotting papers, single-use pore-clearing nose strips (that I don’t advocate but that Mr. Fiddy likes), and even an awesome full-sized Nature Republic facial mist on one memorably large order. The shopping rewards from a shop like Jolse add up fast.

Box of Korean skincare samples
I’ve got a pretty mighty sample stash at the moment, of which this is about a third.

Speaking of rewards, Jolse also has a tiered customer rewards program that puts a certain percentage of your previous purchase back onto your Jolse account in the form of store credit. They often bump that percentage up, as they’re doing for this weekend’s sale.

Finally, Jolse just happens to be staffed by fun and friendly people who make customers feel like they’re buying from actual human beings, not just faceless packing and shipping automatons. If you’ve heard Jolse referred to as “bae” anywhere, it’s because of this adorable kerfuffle some time ago. They’re really nice folks. When you’re buying things from a foreign country, that makes a difference.

One last thing you should know about Jolse is that unlike many other K-beauty webshops, Jolse builds standard shipping charges right into item prices. Keep that in mind if you’re comparison shopping between two or more stores.

Onwards to the sale!

Jolse surprise sale, COSRX cleanser coupon, and my recommended buys

Through this weekend, Jolse has marked all products in their store down by 15% and raised their cash back reward to 3% store credit for future purchases. To celebrate, I’ve pulled together a list of some of my favorite products for you to check out! They’re (mostly) sorted by brand and they’re definitely not the only things worth getting from the bae.


  • Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser*: I kind of can’t wait for my Re:cipe Slowganic Cleanser testing period to end so that I can go back to the Good Morning Gel Cleanser full time. Nothing beats its combination of mildness and cleansing power. It’s currently marked down to $10.18, but I can save you a little more than that still. If you are one of the first 300 people to use the coupon code WE4L317Y7U (valid through October 31), you’ll get an additional $1 off of this product. Jolse might even have some sticker sheets left over for you! (My review)

COSRX Mr. Rx graphic

  • Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask*: This light but occlusive propolis gel makes a fantastic moisturizer for both day and night. $12.73. (My review)
  • Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence: I haven’t gotten around to reviewing this product yet, but rest assured, I will soon, and positively. Featuring a whopping 96% snail mucin and very little else, this mild, gentle, unfragranced goo makes my skin incredibly soft, incredibly supple, and incredibly calm. $14.36.

Banila Co.

  • Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Essence Oil: The season of harsh winds and full-blast heaters is almost upon us. This insanely nourishing, antioxidant-packed product, with fermented honey, propolis, and royal jelly extracts and one of the most magical fragrances this side of Chris Hemsworth’s clean laundry, can help keep your skin moisturized and healthy no matter what the winter throws at it. And if you’re unsure what an essence oil is, my blogger friend Vanity Rex explains it well in her review of a product I’ve definitely got my eye on now. $23.78.  (My review)
Banila Co. Miss flower & Mr.. Honey Essence Oil packaging
Also, look how pretty. So pretty.
  • Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Hydrogel Masks: The pampering, special-occasion companions to the rest of the glorious Miss Flower & Mr. Honey line, these masks turn my skin into milky porcelain. They’re pretty amazing. $20.38 for box of 5. (My review)

Etude House

  • Bling Bling Eye Sticks: I’m not always in the mood to fuss with brushes and shadows. Sometimes I want to just swipe a wash of shimmery color onto my eyelids and be done with it. These pretty, creamy, long-lasting stick eyeshadows make that possible. $5.08.
  • Rosy Tint Lips: If you’ve been reading my blog for a good long time, then you might remember that I used to be strongly opposed to anything matte. (Whoops.) I’m not anymore. These velvety-matte lip stains last for hours and give soft, pretty color. $6.97.


  • IOPE Air Cushion XP: I use this cushion every single day. I love it that much. Instead of trying to describe its effects with words, here’s a Snapchat selfie of me wearing it. No primer, no powder, no filter. $33.98 (includes refill).
FOTD with IOPE Air Cushion XP and Memebox lipstick
By the way, you can follow me on Snapchat by searching my username, mommasharkus.
  • Scinic All In One Ampoules (Aqua, Snail, and Honey): Even if you’re like me and actually enjoy your morning and evening skincare routines, it’s pretty inevitable that you’ll end up short of time at least once in a while. These hydrating, moisturizing, nourishing, and brightening products can stand in for multiple skincare steps and get you out the door or into bed a little bit faster. It doesn’t hurt that they come in big, big jars, either. Aqua and Snail $16.98 | Honey $17.83. (My review of the Aqua; I find Snail more soothing and Honey more moisturizing).
  • Ciracle Snail Hydrogel Masks: Been outdoors all day? Skin tired or irritated and in need of some serious soothing? Pop one of these in the refrigerator and apply it to your weary face for a hydrating and replenishing pick-me-up and an instantly firmer complexion. $16.13 for box of 4. (My review)

What products have you guys been wanting to haul lately? And what’s your favorite store?

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20 thoughts on “Shopping with Fiddy! Jolse Surprise Sale, COSRX Low pH Cleanser Coupon, and Open Post

    1. Ha, I know how that feels. I live on the West Coast and it typically takes about 1.5 weeks for a standard shipping order to get to me, so it isn’t bad at all! They don’t have those awful weekslong lead times like TesterKorea does.


      1. So… I read this reply and was like, “oh, hey, that’s pretty fast, I wonder if the order I put in a week or so ago will be here soon, lemme check it.”

        My motherwording post office is awful about saying they “attempted delivery” when in reality, they didn’t even show up. Which they just did again.


        I coulda been cosrx-ing my face all night last night BUT NO.

        I definitely foresee me going down the Bad Egg chute if it’s not here today, for real.

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  1. I really really really want to try Son & Park’s beauty water but I need to read more reviews to make my decision whether it’s just super hyped or actually awesome. Jolse also has an AWESOME eBay shop with free shipping which is great when you are only looking to order one or two things. I can also vouch for the generous samples. I ordered one of Etude House Play 101 sticks and just for the one item they sent me three samples. Pretty generous for a very inexpensive item.

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    1. Oh, that’s right, they do have a good eBay shop! They give samples through their Amazon shop as well as long as it’s items shipped from Korea and not fulfilled by Amazon.


  2. You don’t need to waste money on all these skin care products. Essential oils and coconut oil and other oils are the best. If you are vegan, you won’t want to use animal products either. Coconut oil is a natural sunscreen. It’s only SPF 4, so you will have to re-apply more often. Plus, you need at least 15 minutes of sun a day for optimal Vitamin D levels. After living in Korea, I have seen that most Korean skin care products are full of toxins, like parabens. They aren’t as good as many people think.


    1. Unfortunately, coconut oils (along with other great oils) can be highly comedogenic to many people, like me. As for parabens, scientists and the FDA (not random internet sites) say that they’re found in most cosmetics in small amounts as preservatives and are not found to be a significant health risk. I will happily use things on my face that I know won’t break me out and have preservatives so I don’t contract any weird skin issues. 🙂


  3. Out of all my shopping experiences, shopping through Jolse’s been the best; next best would be Memebox, Skin Milk Bar, Beautibi, RRS, Glow Recipe, Melody Cosme, Peach, Cupid, Beauteque, Bisou, and Soko; but really, the biggest appeal is having the shipping included AND the reward points through Bae. I saved nearly $5 on my last purchase — talk about awesomesauce and a way to keep your customers foreverness. ❤ Oh. And those samples. That game is so strong…when I shop some American K-beauty stores and only get 2 packets….well, let's say I'm spoiled by this point. xD xD

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  4. Waaaaa this makes me so happy and so sad at the same time. I can only order from Jolse via Amazon because the buying services here don’t think Jolse is reliable, if only they knew what a sin they were committing. 😓😢😓😢😓😢

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      1. DO IT I will thank you forever. Need a cook in your house for free? Done! I can make Korean, Italian, a bit of Indian and Bengali, and other random but good stuff! I also bake like there’s no tomorrow HIRE MEEEEE

        Liked by 1 person

      2. YES! I will be your slave. I will teach your son all the world’s good values, I will make you Indian food, ummm what else… I know! I’ll help your kid do your homework! 😭😭😭😭

        Sigh, if only.

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  5. Just made a megahaul,with discount on the Cosrx cleanser. Thank you! Now I will have to find the patience to not use everything new at once!

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  6. I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for the Jolse “heads up”!

    I have recently ordered the new CosRx cleanser and the Snail 96 Essence, not to mention a TON of Tosowoong, including the Propolis Ampoule and the entire Time Shift line. I can’t wait to try them all!

    Also, I would be remiss if I did not add that the IOPE cushion and the MB lipstick both look absolutely fabulous on you! That picture of you leaves me speechless…

    “Pretty Woman”??

    I’ll say, but that does not even begin to describe you. Your gorgeous skin, your wonderful AB glow (definitely visible at 10 steps – or more – away) and that lovely lip shade are magnificent beyond words – truly, truly totally and completely magnificent!

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  7. 1. Amazon is my favorite store because I hate waiting and Memebox is a close second because coupons and prices and free shipping over $35 or whatever it is, but recently I’ve been getting all my stuff on the AB Exchange so I really haven’t had to use either of those in awhile.

    2. You look amazing btw. I can’t wait until I can take a close up sans foundation pic! Happily, The Great Breakout And PIH Summer Wide Debacle has almost wound to a close, aka my zits are gone and the closed comnedones are almost-but-not-quite gone AND the PIH is greatly reduced. I should be picture ready by December. Huzzah! Shout outs to Curology, acids, fade serums, vitamin c serums and AB for being awesome during that trying time.

    3. High forehead women unite! Is it just me that has issues with finding a sheet mask that actually goes all the way up to my hairline?


    1. Yes! And usually if it goes all the way up to my hairline, then it’s also insanely wide and ends up hydrating my ears as well. I think the worst offender for “too short forehead” is Whamisa, sadly.

      And thank you!! 😀


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