Fiddy’s Tosowoong Favorites on Memebox, + Teaser

You ever have one of those moments where you realize you’ve neglected something that should have come naturally to you and you just feel like you’ve let yourself down in a huge and major way? I was finalizing some things with my Memebox US box curation contact tonight when I realized that they’ve been carrying my favorite products from a brand I really like, Tosowoong, for a little while now without me announcing it here!

Bad Fiddy. Bad, bad Fiddy.

So here goes: Out of the Tosowoong products Memebox now carries, my favorites are the Enzyme Powder Wash cleanser and the Pure PropolisPure Deep Sea Water, Pure Snail, and Pure Green Tea sheet masks. Let’s do a little rundown of them before I leave you with my teaser!

Tosowoong powder cleanser and sheet masks
I can actually feel myself getting tingly with excitement for Tosowoong again.

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash mini-review

Back in August, which feels like a million years ago, I gave Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash a rave 5/5 review. My feelings about this incredibly affordable and incredibly effective powder cleanser haven’t changed a bit since then. I’ve tried other cleansers in the meantime, loved one of them and enjoyed others, but for everyday use, I still reach for my flip-top bottle of this cleanser more than I do any other. This pH 5.5 cleanser leaves my skin radiantly clean and silky soft. As an added bonus, the powder format means that it makes an ideal cleansing companion for trips: no messy spills, leaks, or inconvenient decanting to meet TSA guidelinesthis has been your first hint.

$9 at Memebox

Tosowoong sheet mask mini-reviews

I got my first Tosowoong sheet masks on a whim because of my love of propolis, and I haven’t regretted it at all. I have a bunch in my stash and I plan to always keep some around. The thick cotton mask sheets are cut big but cling well to my face; they come saturated with a ton of essence and stay moist for about 45 minutes on me, giving my skin ample time to take in all that hydrating, brightening goodness. As an added bonus, all of the sheet masks contain niacinamide, making them a worthy addition to an ingredient-aware skincare routine. Also, I discovered on a flight last year that the TSA doesn’t count sheet masks as liquidshint hint.

Pure Propolis: This was the sheet mask that started it all, the one that made me think Tosowoong might be a brand worth exploring further. The honey-scented essence in this one deeply nourishes my skin, reviving it even when it’s feeling its driest and most unhappy, and the brightening effect is powerful. It’s also the only mask missing from my photo because I finished off the last mask in my second box of 10 of these not too long ago. Let’s just say I’ll be reordering soon. The intense moisturization these masks deliver is great for wintertime and air that the heater has sucked of all its…moisture. I do find the fragrance a little on the strong side, but it doesn’t bother me–especially since it smells of honey.

$1.50 at Memebox

Pure Deep Sea Water: When what my face needs is light, refreshing hydration, I get a Pure Deep Sea Water mask out and slap it on. These masks were among my most used this summer, since their essence is lightweight and watery, never too heavy even on very hot and humid days. I love how these masks plump up my skin and give it that dewy, watery look. They have that kind of generic “clean blue water” fragrance, and the fragrance is much lighter than the Pure Propolis.

$1.50 at Memebox

Pure Snail: I mean, I love snails. These snail sheet masks pack about the same amount of watery hydration as the Pure Deep Sea Water, with the added benefit of soothing, smoothing snail goo. These are the sheet masks I reach for when my skin feels a little irritated or looks a little blotchy: they get rid of redness quickly and help calm my skin down while plumping it up. Somewhat oddly, these masks have a vaguely powdery fragrance. I have a soft spot for baby powder-type perfumes, so I don’t mind that at all, and as with most masks, the fragrance dissipates quickly once the mask is on.

$1.50 at Memebox

Pure Green Tea: While this is the least hydrating or moisturizing of the Tosowoong sheet masks that I’ve tried, the Pure Green Tea has two things going for it, and both those things are green tea. Green tea polyphenols are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic, and there’s some evidence that those properties are in effect even with topical application of green tea extract rather than ingestion (source, source, source, and source). I consider green tea extract a photoprotective antioxidant ingredient, which means I like using these particular sheet masks in the morning. Morning use also means that the ultra-light hydration they provide becomes a plus. This mask’s essence sits very well under other skincare and makeup products. I don’t really notice much of a fragrance here.

$1.50 at Memebox

Okay, so obviously these products are already available. But hold up. If you’re planning to travel anytime soon, and you want to get several of these things to try out, then maybe you should step away from the checkout button for now. Give me a few days. I might be able to announce something you’ll be very interested in.


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15 thoughts on “Fiddy’s Tosowoong Favorites on Memebox, + Teaser

  1. I swoon for Tosowoong!

    Ever since your previous reviews on their Propolis Sparkle Ampoule and the sheet masks, I’ve been wanting try try this brand. At the “urging” of my NYC-based pusher, er, I mean “supplier”, I took a great AB “leap of faith” and have adopted the entire Time Shift line as my base routine for the cooler (to say the least) weather I’ll be facing ahead. I started using the line in the PM (by itself, for “science”, of course), quickly added the ampoule and the Propolis sheet mask, and am now using it both AM and PM with great results. And, now, of course, I’ve added actives and a few other things I like to both routines. I’ve just now gotten the Enzyme Powder Wash and can’t wait to try it as well!

    That Propolis sheet mask has very rapidly ascended the ranks of my very favorites. It’s highly moisturizing, to be sure, but the big news is the “powerful brightening” effect you mentioned. It provides a wonderful “AB glow” that is most assuredly “visible at 10 steps away”! I was blown away (and totally delighted) by the glowing skin it induced the first time I tried this mask. When I want to look not just good, but “AB good” (which is orders of magnitude beyond merely “good”), this is the mask I now reach for.

    IMHO, the mask is somewhat larger than most Asian sheet masks, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it is “cut big”. Of course, “big” is all relative. In my experience, most (all?) Asian sheet masks are designed for petite Asian (female) faces, and this (while lovely to be sure) is markedly different from a Caucasian (male) face (that will never, ever be lovely), especially one with a forehead that continues to “rise”, seemingly with ever passing minute. That said, the mask and the pouch has a tremendous amount of essence, so there’s no problem covering the rest of my (huge) face with layer after layer.

    And this is most definitely the mask that simply will not quit! I usually sheet mask for 20-30 minutes, but this one has not even begun to dry by this amount of time. I’d definitely plan for at least 45 minutes of (delightful, luxurious) wait time on this one. Really, I think this mask could go an hour without really trying. And, the longer it’s on, the glowier (and more deeply hydrated) you’ll get. It’s most assuredly worth the wait, too!

    Thanks for your (usual) most excellent review!

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  2. Really pleased to see glowing review on an inexpensive mask. When I started masking and I was buying ten masks for a dollar, then encountered pricier ones, I wondered if the better ones were out of my price range (Like $15 for one Sulwhasoo mask was ok for one time, but not something I’d do 3-5 times a week). So this is encouraging to see such an inexpensive mask in HG status.

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  3. Ooooooh, I’ll be traveling to Las Vegas then Cali in 2 weeks and I need these! I’m on a college budget (*cough* only $2.50 in debit card *cough*) which means my mom gives me an allowance of $20 for two weeks and I’m still looking for a job. That $20 is difficult to save for 2 weeks and no source of income. I’ve been waiting to save up money for a haul.

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  4. Hi Fiddy! Love Tosowoong…I actually discovered the brand thanks to you! I have not tried the mask sheets, so this are on my watch list, of course, but the Enzyme Powder leaves the skin sooo soft! It´s amazing.
    I was wondering if you could do a post on how to detox your skin. Maybe you already wrote one or could share your thoughts about it.

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      1. Hi Fiddy ! I live in a very contaminated city. The levels of pollution are terrible all year, and I was wondering how the skin suffers with it. That is why I was thinking if there is a way to “detox” your skin, get rid of the toxins that are built in your skin in a deeply way. Maybe the double cleanse is enough? Or Maybe you need a special mask? I was reading that antioxidants help to combat the effects of the environment, but maybe you can do more and help the skin to “heal”, the way people do when they do “juice cleanses”. (Of course, that is just an example! I could die living only on juice for a week… Ha Ha).

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      2. Hi Karen! Sorry that it took me so long to answer you. I wanted to give your question some real thought, as it is one that I haven’t seen before!

        Remember, I’m not a doctor or anything like that, but these are my thoughts based on my understanding of our skin function ☺

        So I think the idea of “toxins” is not quite the accurate one to have when we’re talking about something like this. (Same with your internal health really, you have organs like your liver to filter out truly toxic substances; mostly the benefit of “cleanses” would be to regulate your digestion and probably provide nutrients.)

        So the damage that can be caused to your skin through external factors is done through oxidative stress. Basically, certain factors generate free radicals. The big one is UV radiation, but pollution is also up there for sure.

        Few things you can do to protect your skin from free radical damage are sunscreen, of course, and antioxidants both in your skincare and your diet. Another big one is cleansing at night. We can’t help it if our skin picks up some pollution during the day, but we can minimize the damage by making sure to remove it at night. There are also ingredients that show promise for repairing oxidative damage. Snail secretion is one of them, and I think ginseng and some other traditional herbs may be good too but I’m not super sure.

        There are also products that claim to make a barrier on your skin to protect it from pollution, like Etude House Dust Cut line and Tosowoong Don’t Worry Dust Mist. I don’t know how well they really work, but that may be something to look into.

        Basically you already have the right idea! Cleanse your skin at night, protect from sun, and make use of strong antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin A (retinoids).

        I hope that helps! I’m going to do some research and maybe write a blog in future if I learn much more that can be helpful!


  5. I bought the Tosowoong Enzyme Powder by pure chance, and I love it. I then bought several flavors of their sheet masks, and they still remain my favorite. I also have the entire Propolis line, and it seems to work well. I’m always impressed with Tosowoong.

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  6. Fiddy, you are absolutely AMAZING !!!! I love the idea of the mists. I am going to investigate on the subject too…I just saw a video from a store (in their you tube channel), about it and it also made me curious. Thank you for your answer and the time you gave it. Really….AMAZING!! 🙂

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  7. Thanks to this post, I have finally popped my Tosowoong cherry! Lol. I’ve been meaning to try the brand for a while now and have been intrigued by the sheet masks and the cleanser.

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