Weekend Reading: My W2Beauty Skincare Articles Roundup

Let’s do something different this weekend. I’ve been working hard on projects outside the blog, and it’s time to share.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve joined the editorial team at the newly relaunched W2Beauty. I and the rest of the “K-Beauty Squad”–which includes the amazing Coco Park of The Beauty Wolf fame–will be writing about all things K-beauty.

Our team is headed by the awesome Anna Park, formerly editor-in-chief of Audrey magazine, and I’ve been really impressed with Anna’s commitment to producing really useful articles. This isn’t a shop blog–not all of what we write has to do with items in the (7,000+ product) W2Beauty inventory. And not all of what we write about items in the W2Beauty inventory will be positive. I’ve had a great time working on my material so far!

Our first batch of articles is live. Here are my links–I’ll post more roundups in future as more material goes up.

I’m trying to contribute a bit of something for everyone. So for skincare beginners, there’s The Beginner’s Guide to Cleanser pH: Why It Matters to Your Skin. And for K-beauty beginners, I wrote 10 Cult K-Beauty Skincare Products Everyone Should Try.

I’ve also provided an up-to-date explanation of my morning and evening skincare routines in How I Do K-Beauty: The Fifty Shades of Snail Skincare Routine.

Finally, with summer around the corner, I wanted to do an overview of some great sunscreens in various categories. My testing didn’t go quite as planned because I didn’t care for most of the sunscreens I tried, but the ones I loved, I really really love. You can read about them (and the sunscreens I really really didn’t love in The Search For a Good Sunscreen: A’Pieu Pure Block.

Enjoy! And check out the rest of the redesigned W2Beauty site. There are new products, new (lower!!!) prices, and, of course, the rest of the W2Beauty editorial section to see. More features are still coming, too, so stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: My W2Beauty Skincare Articles Roundup

  1. How does A’pieu compare to Biore Bright Milk in terms of sweat resistance? Or is more comparable to 2015 Biore Watery Essence?

    So excited about your new writing venture! Takes some restraint to keep to a testing schedule though!


  2. Will W2 Beauty be adding more information to their product pages? That was my big issue with their previous website; when I heard this new version would have editorial I kinda thought that’s what it would be. It sucks when I’m looking at a new to me product and there’s no ingredients, no copy from the manufacturer, nothing. I don’t expect it to be translated into perfect English or anything, even Korean is fine thanks to the wonders of Google Translate!


  3. I tried shopping at W2 once and it was the worst experience I ever had with k-beauty. I put in an order I was totally excited about. After a month, my credit card was charged but nothing arrived so I emailed the company. No on responded, so I tried emailing again, and messaging via facebook. After a month and a half, I received an email saying, in a mix of emojis and punctuation, that the owner had been very busy due to moving, and had not been answering any email. She then said she was super sad I did not follow her on social media and hence did not know she was moving and would be unresponsive to email (she said she had about 1500 accumulated emails to deal with, so clearly I was not the only one). She said she had no idea what happened to my package, and no way of knowing. The package finally arrived over two months after I ordered it. I hope W2 has improved but, between the huge delay and W2’s beauty lack of professionalism and accountability, I will not be trying them again.


    1. Hi Clara, this is Pohim, Director of Korea Operations of W2Beauty. I’m truly so sorry for such an unpleasant experience shopping with us back then…I truly apologies. Not to remove anything from our responsibilities.. we were moving into our new office back then and mistakes were made from our new recruits. I would definitely be happy to follow up with you directly and see if there is any way we can offer you the true “W2Beauty shopping experience” and makeup for our past mistakes. I hope you will come back to me, it will really be my pleasure to help you with anything!

      Kindest regards,


  4. hello, how long or how many days before she replied on your email?
    because i purchased around $116 of items
    i only get confirmation from PayPal that i already paid the amount, but i never get a confirmation from W2Beauty,
    i email the W2Beauty and just recieved an automated response, i emailed again and get no response
    i also message them on Facbook, but got no response in return
    in those emails are attached, pictures of my purchases and confirmation of my payment thru PayPal…
    its been 3days now but W2Beauty is not responding, im getting anxious, it my hard earned money,
    and also i am really interested on the products that i bought, i really wanted to use them…
    should i get worried?


  5. Hello! This is Pohim from W2Beauty.
    I would be happy to help with your order. May I know what your order ID is? I will then check things up for you right away and come back to you with all the information concerning your order. I’m afraid we indeed had some “notification” issues lately (The auto confirmation email not being sent out) and really apologies for the confusion and for having you worried for your order. Please come back to me at pohim@w2beauty.com, I will be happy to assist you right away. But i’m sure the package must have been shipped and that you can find the tracking number in your order history on the site.

    Kindest regards,


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